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BREAKING: Bond 25 Faces Another Villain – Time



Uh Oh

The production of the next Bond film has hit another bump on the road. The UK newspaper, ‘The Scottish Sun’, has revealed Daniel Craig’s recuperation after his minor ankle surgery might have scheduling complications. An insider has revealed that once Craig returns to filming, his co-star Rami Malek may not be available to shoot their scenes together. The Insider reports that the team is now frantically trying to iron out the scheduling problems:

“They still need to find a time for Daniel and Rami to film together. You can’t have a Bond film where 007 doesn’t come face to face with the villain, so it’s a complete nightmare logistically.”

Before agreeing to the new Bond 25 film, Malek made prior filming commitments to another project. What that means now, is that key scenes between Bond and his new nemesis can’t be filmed as planned.  The insider also mentioned:

“Filming was supposed to finish in September. But the cast and crew have been told it’s been pushed back to late October, possible early November due to Daniel’s injury and the set explosion. They are looking at the whole schedule again now and doing everything they can to make it work. But production is going to have to over-run even further now.”

This latest problem follows original director Danny Boyle’s departure last year. Craig’s ankle injury in May. And a controlled explosion last week, which caused damage to an exterior wall at Pinewood Studios where current filming is being held.

Bond 25 is still aiming for a release date of April 3rd, 2020. Stay tuned for more information as it gets released.

Source: The Scottish Sun

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