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‘Battle At Big Rock’ Was The Perfect Tease For Jurassic World 3



The Fallen Kingdom, Indeed

If you’re like me, a child from the ’80s, then your love for dinosaurs reached peak imagination in 1993. It was in the magical world of Jurassic Park that I stopped imagining what dinosaurs could look like, and finally saw them in ‘real-life.’ Real-life being the operative word here. Seeing Rexy roar after stomping on that Gallimimus was incredible. I was the kid watching in awe and wonder about seeing these creatures in their natural habitat. Of course, watching it in a dark movie theater would be extremely different than watching it in my own backyard. But that’s what Battle At Big Rock gives us.

Fast-forward to 2019 and we might finally be seeing a new rise of Jurassic Park films. Spoiler-alert if you haven’t seen Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but seeing the dinosaurs escape into the world gave me the sense of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. What would a world genuinely look like if man and dinosaur existed together? There’s a reason our two species were separated 65 Million years apart. And minus the technological advancements of humans, would killing lions or grizzly bears be frowned upon in today’s society? We know those animals have killed humans but we normally don’t populate in their environment. And that’s my point.

Welcome To Jurassic World

DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! Whoops, wrong movie. Or is it? Seeing the Statue of Liberty in the original Planet of The Apes film was a brilliant twist. It made you wonder just how that world became populated with Apes who could speak. And decades later, Matt Reeves made me actually care about HOW that planet became populated in War For The Planet Of The Apes. But dinosaurs were always regulated to their cozy little island of Isla Nublar. And because they never had sea creatures, it was pretty much a guarantee that no dinosaur would swim to the mainland. Of course, Jurassic Park II attempted to show what would happen if a T-Rex was in the city. But it never went further than that.

But with Jurassic World, we saw just how massive they were building to a world full of dinosaurs in modern society. It’s why they had Pteranydons and Dimorphodons and their own Shamu in the form of a Mosasaurus. Just thinking about that scene where Zara is flapping frantically in that MASSIVE tank knowing there’s a gargantuan beast roaming around under there still gives me the creeps. I shudder at the thought every time. But now that thing is in the ocean. And as long as mankind has been roaming Pangea or the ice bridge near Alaska, we’ve never had a meteor wipe us out. But that’s semantics. We’re talking about Michael Crichton who always has humans being overrun by their own creations in his books. (Westworld)

A Planet Of Dinosaurs

Sure, seeing stegosaurs or brachiosaurs’ would be wonderful. The only fear you would have is not being accidentally stepped on. After all, the biggest land animal in our world is the African Bush Elephant and we’re well aware to not climb under them. But Elephants aren’t roaming the downtown city smashing buildings or worse, mainly because they wouldn’t be capable of doing so. But a creature that’s about 50 feet tall and weighed 88 tons wouldn’t know the difference between a hill and a building. They wouldn’t have malicious intent but the ramifications of that type of animal walking around in a city would be disastrous. Do I need to mention the vehicles it wouldn’t know it’s stepping on?

But what about an alpha predator? You add carnivores to the lineup and suddenly Humans aren’t the top of the food chain anymore. But again, this brings me back to my point earlier: Just because animals in our society CAN eat us, we don’t wipe out the species because of the threat. So why would we do that with Dinosaurs? And THAT is exactly what we get in Battle At Big Rock. In this brilliant Short, directed by Jurassic World 3 helmer, Colin Trevorrow, we get a brief glimpse into what type of planet that is. We also get some amazing cinematography from the master, Larry Fong (300, Watchmen, Kong: Skull Island, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice).

Battle At Big Rock

In just over 8 minutes, you’re drawn into a world as we’ve never seen in any Jurassic Park or World film. The news commentary discusses society living with these animals and how we’re dealing with them. We also learn that a dinosaur has been born on American soil, confirming this to be a first for us, as well as confirmation that they are breeding in the wild. It’s been a year, in the film’s universe, since the end of Fallen Kingdom. Humans are adjusting to the new world that we now live in with dinosaurs who aren’t in cages. I won’t go into spoiler talk about the short film, but it creates a perfect teaser for what Jurassic World 3 should be about. I say should because we still have 2 years until the film debuts. But this was a nice appetizer.

Remember when Christopher Nolan debuted his prologue with Bane and the plane crash in The Dark Knight Rises? That’s exactly how I feel about Battle At Big Rock. It not only shows you how dangerous the new world will be, but it also gives us clues and hints about what the new film will have in store. The action is tense and seeing the dinosaurs look as realistic as they do in the feature films was spectacular.

I also like the fact that what Owen and Claire were, in part, responsible for, is effecting everyday normal families. It’ll be interesting to see just what direction the protagonists will do since they’re partially responsible for the creation of some of the dinos out in the wild. If you haven’t seen Battle At Big Rock, a prologue of sorts yet, I highly recommend you do below. And if this is the route the franchise is going in, I can’t wait to see more films explore a world overrun by dinosaurs. It’s what I’ve wanted to see since 1993.

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