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Another New God Was Going To Appear In Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’



This Is What We Know

With as much information that has come from Vero comments and messages from Zack Snyder, you’d think we would have a lot of information on his Snyder Cut of Justice League. Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. I’m all for digging and finding out information just scouring the interwebs, and sometimes you don’t realize the well is still producing.

Jibin Mathew, via his Vero messages, asked Zack who was speaking in the Justice League trailer where we hear dialogue:

“No Protectors here…No Lanterns… No Kryptonians. This world will fall, like the others.”

Now, admittedly, I was VERY hesitant to believe the message was real even though it would prove the point I’ve been adamant about since the film came out. That it was Steppenwolf AND that his voice was somehow modulated differently then what we got in theaters. So I asked for verification in all sorts of manners and he prevailed. But that wasn’t all.

What We Found Out

I have confirmed that not only does Steppenwolf speak the dialogue in question, but he’s, in fact, speaking to DeSaad. What makes this interesting is that there was obviously plenty that we were missing from the History Lesson. It was just last week that Zack showed off that Darkseid (Err…a Young Uxas) was meant to be the main antagonist in the first meeting (History Lesson).

We know that because of the Shrine of The Amazons giving us our first look AND Zack showing off the Darkseid mural on the wall. But that also means that DeSaad would have played an even bigger role than JUST the History Lesson since he would have been communicating with Steppenwolf in the present.

So What Really Happened In The History Lesson?

I thought I had seen it all. That Whedon just chopped up the battle and put it out of sequence for some odd reason. But now we know that in Snyder’s version, Steppenwolf wasn’t there. Or at least wasn’t the one standing center when his ships arrived to Earth. And one question begs another. Like would Steppenwolf even have scenes in the History Lesson? Does Darkseid speak? Do we still see the Ares v Darkseid fight?

But this also led to a lot of speculation about a certain scene in the History Lesson. After falling in battle, a Green Lantern’s ring leaves his hand and zig-zags away. Some speculated that it could have been repurposed from Omega Beams since Darkseid was really there. The only issue is that Darkseid doesn’t have those abilities as Uxas. The other? Zack answered this question when Jibin asked him if they were originally Omega Beams or the Green Lantern Ring. Zack said:

“I don’t know what is in now”

That’s That

Thanks to Zack, we know Uxas was supposed to be in the History Lesson. We also know that Omega Beams were never meant to show up. At least not in the History Lesson. But we also learned some other information from Snyder’s Cut. That Cyborg would be tempted to stay INSIDE the Motherbox once he tried to separate it near the 3rd act of the film.

I’ll have another article describing the details of what we learned from Zack on Cyborgs Knightmare, but for now, at least we know about Uxas. The History Lesson is by far the most interesting aspect we still have little knowledge of. And knowing Steppenwolf was swapped in for Darkseid is even more disheartening. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get more tidbits from Zack or perhaps, even some actual footage. I mean, they obviously gave us the dialogue of Steppenwolf talking with DeSaad. Maybe we can see the conversation play out?

Source: Zack Snyder Vero via Jibin Mathew

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