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‘Aladdin’ Sequel In Development At Disney



When Disney makes $1.051 billion at the box-office, it’s almost guaranteed the film will receive a follow-up, so step forward Aladdin.

Variety is reporting that last years live-action reboot of the much loved animated film will be getting a sequel, written by Andrea Berloff (Straight Outta Compton) and John Gatins (Kong: Skull Island).

The original animated film received two forgettable straight to video sequels but Variety’s report has stated Disney will take the sequel in a completely original direction, with producers spending the last six months figuring out its course. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will return to produce, with Ryan Halprin executive producing.

Guy Ritchie (The Gentlemen) helmed the first film, though it’s not clear if he will return to the director’s chair for the sequel. Producers are still hopeful Will Smith, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud will reprise their roles, but offers won’t be sent until the script is nailed.

I can shamelessly admit I’ve yet to see Aladdin. I had good intentions too at the time, just never got round to it. People have said it was good, so I’ll take their word for it until my eyes get a chance to peep at it.


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