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A ‘Man Of Steel’ IMAX Print Exist, And It’s Not Available To The Public



70 MM

Sometimes, when life hands you lemons, you create lemonade. But what happens when those lemons are actually an IMAX 70MM print of Man Of Steel? If you’re Vahn (@ImAFilmEditor), you preserve the best tasting lemonade ever assembled.

Vahn consults at a true IMAX 70mm Film Theatre, out of passion. True IMAX Film Theaters should not be confused with the typical LieMax Theaters, which cannot present film and don’t house eight-story tall screens. And every once in a while, prints of films sent over don’t make it back to the studios since they usually don’t request them back. Therefore, decades upon decades of films have been left there, over time, to sit on shelves and collect dust. The major reason for this sad realization is that most of the management overseeing the preservation simply doesn’t share the same passion Vahn does for film.


Vahn found himself the protector of celluloid after being inspired to become a film editor by Christopher Nolan. The dedication that Nolan displayed to have film be viewed in its highest form was all the reason he needed to respect the prints as they were meant to be.

After collecting a few prints over time, a true calling became evident: Rather than let films be neglected, get them in the hands of a person who genuinely cares about 70MM print. And because not all of the prints were complete films while others were trailers, it created an even bigger purpose: Preserve the prints by any means.

Man Of Steel

If you’re wondering what the directors think about their films being in the hands of someone else other than the studio or themselves, rest assured. Most of the filmmakers have become friends and acquaintances with Vahn and know that he owns their prints. Of course, he’s not allowed to screen most of his 70MM prints for legality reasons in their proper settings. But that hasn’t prevented the directors to encourage him to preserve the prints in the comfort of his own home.

But what about Man Of Steel? Zack Snyder mentioned that he doesn’t even have a 70MM print of his own film. But he asked Vahn for one thing: “Please take care of it.” Zacks way of giving him his approval of preserving the only print available of Man Of Steel in 70MM. And The Dark Knight Trilogy? Yes, he owns some of those scenes as well! You can view some of his IMAX clips on his Youtube channel.

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